Dog Training

Dog Coaching

Do you own a reactive dog?

We offer coaching walks with both you and your dog, in addition to solo walks when you are busy or at work!

Book in with Sophia for a well-structured, progressive and managed walk to help on your training journey either from the very beginning or continuing your current work through consistency. Pending on the level of reactivity and the number of triggers your dog is working through walk duration is completely tailored to your individual dog. Prior to the first walk/session we would have a free initial virtual consult to discuss your dogs needs and requirements. Pending their causes and level of reactivity we may need to have sessions where we slowly introduce walker to your dog.

For example:

For a dog with many triggers, it would perhaps be recommended to have a short burst of calming activities prior to walk, shorter training walks and then some in house/garden calming enrichment and stress reducing activities after the walk such as scentwork, confidence builders through trick training and more.

For a dog with fewer triggers or one who is to be walked in a quieter environment the walk may be longer.

Each session will be recorded so you can watch back and see the work being undertaken and apply the training yourself.

  • 1 hour session: £25 just with dog, £30 coaching human with dog.

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