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Pet Taxi

Pet taxis are there for anyone and everyone from all walks of life to access, from the busy professional, elderly and disabled. The service is there for whatever your circumstance is at that moment in time. You may not have your own vehicle, or it is currently off road, at the garage or not working. You may be a one car home where your partner uses it for work. Sometimes it just for reassurance that someone else is with you to take away some of the stress. You could be a busy professional with a long commute and you want to use the downtime with your pet rather than doing the routine appointments. All these circumstances is were the Nanny McPet team can help you.

A Pet Taxi really can take you and your pet anywhere that you need them to go, with or without you. Have you considered the following scenarios

  • Customers and their pets go all over, from vets, groomers, kennels, on holiday moving house, visiting friends/family.
  • Even to the airport and train station.
  • And now we can get out to the pubs why not take your beloved pooch with you and enjoy that beer safe in the knowledge that we can collect you both and take you home!

Pet taxis can be used regularly or just a few times a year of even on ad hoc occasions. Every family is different and so their need and usage is different. No family is the same!


The services offered

  • Vets - Regular appointments or emergencies
  • Kennels - Daily or holiday transport
  • Puppy - Getting used to travelling
  • Groomers - Transport to any groomer
  • Holiday - Destination of your choice in England, Wales or Scotland
  • Visiting friends - you choose, we drive
  • Puppy - Collect your new family member and have them transported safely to their new forever home with you
  • Nanny McPets day care or boarding - you book, we collect, look after and return as required

We operate two vehicles currently. One converted van which meets DEFRA’s requirements and can accommodate multiple dogs, all their belongings and room for two passengers.

Fully adapted car for those dogs that need to be closer to us which helps them stay calm.


Nanny Van

  • Fully lined out in Wet Pets Revolutionary insulated and waterproof lining, helping to keep animals warm in the Winter & cool in the Summer, including rear doors.
  • Full in loadspace Air Conditioning
  • Full in loadspace Heating
  • Keyless running for independent Air Conditioning and heating while vehicle is parked
  • Front mesh escape hatches
  • Four rear mesh cage sections with dual air flow and removable rubber mats.
  • Manual roof vent
  • Electric roof vent
  • Removable ramp to assist older pets
  • Row of hooks for collars & leads

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Nanny McPets has a wide range of services that we can offer. Day care for dogs, home boarding for all pets, pop in services and dog walking are among our most popular services.

We cover any journey that starts and ends in mainland Britain.

Pre-booking is advisable to avoid disappointment and to secure a time slot. Transport can be booked on the day subject to availability.

Yes, with pleasure! Here at Nanny McPets we believe in going the extra mile for our families. We can offer assistance to you and your pet, from carrying you bags, helping put a cat in a travel basket or being there at the appointment. We want you and your pet to have as stress free an experience as possible.

Our adapted vehicles mean your pet is safe and secure during transport. We can pass on your concerns to the vet and relay back the recommendations and collect any medication required.

No, Nanny McPets will take your dog to the groomers in a vehicle, wait for the call to say they are ready for collection and bring them home to you again. We can even arrange the next appointment for you if required.

Nanny McPets will issue an invoice before commencement of booking which needs to be paid in full. We accept BACs or cash and can issue receipts upon request. Our bank details can be found on the invoice.

Yes, Nanny McPets has insurance through a specialist pet transport insure. All documents can be viewed upon request.

Yes, Nanny McPets has a Type 1 and Type 2 Animal Transport Licence which allows us to undertake journeys with pets up to 12 hours in duration.

To ensure the very best levels of care your appointment is reserved especially for you. We do understand that sometimes you may need to reschedule an appointment, so we request at least 48 hours' notice for cancellations or rescheduling. Any appointment missed, cancelled, or rescheduled without 48 hours' notice will result in full payment being due.

Booking Process

Please use the online enquiry form to contact us. We will get back in touch to talk through your requirements and check out our availability.

We will organise an introductions meeting and to help us know as much as we can about your pets, we'd ask you download and complete the service form and return to Nanny McPets prior to this meeting.

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