Dog Training

Puppy Training

We offer puppy training.

Nanny McPets believe that all puppies can be taught key life skills which include basic manners, boundaries and us humans can work to prevent unwanted behaviours regardless of breed, size, shape, or age! Learning never stops! We believe in training using kind and reward based methods only. Our training ethos is kind and both fear and force free. We do not condone the use of aversives or punishment.

Why train with us?
  • You will receive access to our private puppy page on Facebook full of information, resources, social events and support. Please do add yourself to the group ‘Nanny McPets Puppy Group’
  • You will have 24/7 back up where required for the duration via phone or email.
  • In the final session your puppy will receive a graduation certificate if you have booked onto a specific bundle or course.
  • When enrolling on a bundle or course your puppy will receive X1 free puppy social session (1 hour) at our Nanny McPets Puppy Socialising Sessions

1-2-1 Puppy Training

We have a syllabus for our bundles which we recommend you view prior to choosing us! However, the sessions are tailored to you and your pup should there be any area of teaching you would prefer to focus on or include in addition to our puppy syllabus. Being the only pup reduces unwanted distractions so the hour between the pup and the trainer is focused and productive.

Price plans:
  • Pay as you go: £30 per hour session / £20 per 40 min / £15 per half hour session
  • 4 week block: £100 (4 x 1hr sessions @ £25ph)
  • 6 week block: £140 (6 x 1hr sessions @£23ph)

Group sessions (Max 4 puppies per session)

£65 for 6 weeks Online Puppy training syllabus
  • Group sessions are currently run online with a maximum group size of 4 puppies.
  • You will receive weekly homework and checklists
  • A 6 week puppy training syllabus will be emailed over which we will follow each week. However, if you are struggling in any areas please do contact us and we can incorporate this into our sessions.
  • You will receive a voucher for 1 free 1-hour puppy social session at Nanny McPets
  • You will receive access to our private 'Nanny McPets puppy group' for resources, support and more.
  • Each training session will be recorded and uploaded to our private Nanny McPets puppy training group
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